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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fishing in Port Renfrew June 25

Wow what a fishing story we have to tell you! Yesterday Steve lost a rod and reel into the ocean while fishing for halibut. Today he decided to go back to the area he lost it. So he anchored and put his lines out, and with great luck he snagged the rod and reel back. Odds are one and a million!! In the midst of cleaning the rod and reel, the other line was going crazy with a massive halibut! So low and behold this was the catch of the day a 180lb halibut!

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 6 Fishing in Port Renfrew

Went salmon fishing first thing , first lines down we started off with a double header and things only got better from there on out. We were picking up one spring after another. They all averaged 14-23lbs. Non stop action! Went offshore for halis and picked up 4 beautys 20-93lbs. Just doesn't get any better than this!

June 5 Fishing in Port Renfrew

Salmon fishing was on fire first light till 9:30. We hooked into 20 fish and landed 12 nice springs 12-23lbs. We went offshore for halis and what a day! The big guys moved in! We had 6 halibut 35-92lbs. To top the day off we had two crab pots full to the rim. Stellar day in Renfrew!

June 4 Fishing in Port Renfrew

Hali fishing was on again! Went offshore we landed 4 nice halibut 20-35lbs. Fishing conditons were a little tougher with the wind but we managed to pick up 6 nice springs again 8-15lbs.

June 2 Fishing in Port Renfrew

Offshore halibut fishing was awesome! We landed 4 halis 35-70lbs. Went in shore salmon fishing and picked up 6 springs 8-15lbs.
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