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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Port Renfrew

fishing 22,23rd of June fishing was excellent for springs at Nit -Nat both days we hit 7 springs on the 22 by 10:30 and on the 23rd we hit 15 springs alll between 15 and 27lbs great fishing and theres still a few swimmming around with sore lips,,we anchored up on the 23rd for halis and we werer lucky to get into a school of beauties all between 40 and 45 lbs,,,a great 2 days.

Port Renfrew

June 20th went looking for big halis on the anchor and the first to jump on was a 70lber great start we managed to get 4 more 15-35lbs ,went out to the swiftsure bank and proceeded to spank the chinooks with a fast and furious pace of 12-25lbs,,great day

Port Renfrew

June 19th,went hali fishing off the get go none stop 15 35lbs done in half an hour went chinook fishing and landed a limit catch of 10 -18lbers and some nice hatchery coho up to 7 lbs already,,tight lines

Port Renfrew

June 18th fishing was once again excellent for chinook 7-22lbs ,lots of coho today half and half for hatchery over wild ,humpback whales and greys ,great day,halis where 10-25lbs,,Tight lines

Port Renfrew

June 17th fishing was excelent today on the swiftsure bank all the sea life is here now a limit of none stop chinook 7-20lbs and lots of chicken halis,,crabbing remains awesome stilll,,,tight lines

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fishing port renfrew June 15th

Salmon fishing is picking up we landed 3 chinook in a short time up to 30lbs and a little birdy says that the mother load of springs hit the Swiftsure bank they were so thick of fish that you could hardly keep your gear down averaging 10 to 22lbs,,i look forward to fishing on Wed and seeing if the rumour is true ,,,till then tight lines

fishing port renfrew

Fishing remains good for halibut with limit catches 15 to 25lbs ,salmon still remains spradic with 1 day good the next slow,we caught 3 nice springs today up to 24lbs and lost 2 oters,,crabing remains excellent ,,,,tight lines

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11th Port Renfrew

Fishing was on fire for big halis with a limit catch of 50 to 55lbs, salmon was a little tougher with 2 nice chinook 18 and 27 lbs ,,a great day and the weather has been holding very nicely,,tight lines

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June, 9, 2009 Port Renfrew

Fishing was great. On a day when other boats were getting skunked, Steve had the skills and knowledge to fill our boat with a limit of Hali's and 3 good size Spring Salmon. The sirius radio, breaching humpbacks, porpoises, and the crab feast were superb bonuses on an already memorable day. It was comforting to have the "Optimist" in the rougher water. I would highly recommend Steve and plan to be in his boat again in the future.

Scott Holt, Cranbrook, BC.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June, 7, Port Renfrew

Fishing was excellent today for halibut, with a limit catch of 35 to 60 lbs halibut.
Salmon was awesome today with five springs 15 to 25 lbs. Another great trip with lots of smiles...tightlines.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th port renfrew

Fishing was great again for halibut with none stop action with halis 15 to 30 lbs,,salmon fishing for chinook was slower with only 1 spring 15lbs ,another steller day on the water and the crab traps ended the day with a full bounty,limit of 7 inch rock hard crabs ,,best crabbing ive ever seen in the san juan harbour in my 25 years of fishing what a bonus,,,,tight lines

port renfrew

Fishing June 5th Port Renfrew
Fishing was excellent for halibut,,we had our limit of chickens 15lbs up too 35lbs the water was beautiful which allowed us to go into nit-Nat for Springs ,in the first 2 minutes we landed a 28lber what an excellent fight first run was 200yards , the next chinook was a 22lber and an hour later to end the day we landed a nice 20lber,,all and all a very sucessful day with lots of smiles,,tight lines
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